Hospital Happenings Digital Debut

Over the last few years, the District has utilized our “Hospital Happenings” articles to inform and educate our community on health and wellness topics affecting our area. This practice not only helps us communicate with our community, but engages our staff to reflect on what they feel is important to share. Sharing, in fact, is the driving factor in our decision to continue our “Hospital Happenings” articles via blog.

We have come to realize that our largest reach is not through traditional communication, but through Facebook and our website. With our online activity growing exponentially, it feels right to further enrich our online presence with our new “Hospital Happenings” blog. Our blog site is accessible at, via our Facebook page:, and our website:

We are excited to provide you this new accessibility to stay up-to-date with District news, and hope you will take the time and follow our Facebook page and blog. As always, our website has the most comprehensive collection of District information, including services, on-line bill pay, and career opportunities. We thank you for your support and hope you find convenience in this transition.