Medicare Open Enrollment

JoAnn Ehlers, Clinic Manager


Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment is each year from October 15th through December 7th for changes in your coverage that will begin January 1, 2019.

This is the time to review Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.

  • Why? Because plan costs and benefits may change from one year to another.  What is affordable to you this year may change and become too expensive next year.
  • If you miss the Annual Open Enrollment period you may not be able to change your plan if you find out it became too expensive.
  • Many people should review to see if a change their Part D plan will save them money.
  • The Medicare Advantage Plan you are on this year may not be available to you in the next year. If that is the case and you do nothing, you will be automatically put back to Original Medicare and may miss out on a chance to get a Medigap Supplement plain into place.

We can help you at Ferry County Public Hospital District’s Republic Medical Clinic!  If you miss out on the SHIBA help at Rural Resources, ask for help from JoAnn Ehlers at the Clinic.  She can review your options and help you make sure you are on the best plan specific to your needs for next year.   She can also review to see if you are eligible for low income help and get you started in applying.

What else can we do at the Clinic??

  • Help you determine what programs you might be eligible for in terms of low income help and your healthcare.
  • Help you apply for SSA Disability, for the first application, and let you know what is next.
  • Help you apply for SSA Retirement if you are eligible.
  • Help you apply for Medicare if you are turning 65 soon.
  • Help you apply for Medication discounts and perhaps free prescriptions, sometimes even if you already have Part D. (Pain meds do not have discount plans in most cases.)

It never hurts to ask so come and see us!!